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NLP Certification & Life Coaching Scholarships 
Become a certified life coach & change lives!
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What's Included in Your Scholarship
6 Week "Art of Coaching" Online Training
Join Calvin Coyles and WILD's head Coach Jason Barrett as we cover the "Art of Coaching" Including how to structure a coaching session, the business of coaching and how to breakdown a client challenge LIVE.

WORTH $1,600
NLP & Coaching Video Training
Access over 40 different tools, techniques, strategies and templates for creating lasting change and personal transformation! You'll have lifetime access to our training library so you never forget a tool or technique.

WORTH $999 
3 x 1-1 Coaching Session with a WILD Coach
Work with your own personal WILD Coach who'll guide you through 3 breakthrough sessions. Together you'll look at how to create a compelling vision for your life, how to breakthrough self-sabotage and create a WILD Action plan.

WORTH $900
2 Day Live NLP & Coaching Training
Join our team LIVE for 2 days of hands-on NLP & Coaching training. Attend live or virtually at any of 6 events throughout the course of the year. Network with other participants and master the tools together.

WORTH $3,549
Life Coaching &
NLP Practitioner Certification
WILD Success is one of the Worlds leading NLP and Coaching companies with clients in over 80 countries. You'll join our certified graduates with certification in 80+ countries.

WORTH $447
  • 6 Week Art of Coaching                                                                                                                                   $1,600 Value
  • World's #1 Selling Online NLP Training Program                                                                                     $999 Value
  • 3x 1-1 Private Coaching Sessions                                                                                                                    $900 Value
  • 2 Days Live Immersion Training                                                                                                                    $3,549 Value
  • Life Coaching, NLP Practitioner Certificate                                                                                                $447 Value
  • Lifetime access to online and live training materials                                                                                Priceless
  • TOTAL INVESTMENT (PRE SCHOLARSHIP)                                                                                                 $7,495.00
  •  2 Days Live Immersion Training $2,997 Value
  •  World's #1 Selling Online NLP Training Program $997 Value
  •  Life Coaching &                      NLP Practitioner Certificate     $325 Value
  •  6 Week Art of Coaching program $1,200 Value

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MARCH 6/7th
May 1/2nd
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OCTOBER 16/17th
November 27th/28th

Meet Your Trainer...

International Speaker, 3x Best Selling Author, World Leading Life Strategist
Calvin Coyles is the CEO of WILD SUCCESS and Founder of WILD, Australia and New Zealand's #1 Personal Growth company, with more than 200,000 clients in 82 countries. Calvin started WILD back in 2013 when in -$40k of personal debt and in just 10 months had made his first $1 Million. Today Calvin leads trainings and seminars around the world while support clients in life and business.
  • ​30 Under 30 Australian Entrepreneurs
  • ​Top 100 Most Influential Entrepreneurs
  • ​2x Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
  • ​International Excellence Ambassador
  • ​Millionaire Coach and Speaker
  • ​3x International Best Selling Author
  • ​​​Ft Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, Success Magazine and Mindvalley

Meet Your Trainer

International Speaker, 3x Best Selling Author, World Leading NLP & Coaching Trainer
Calvin Coyles CEO-of WILD Success, is a world-leading trainer, author and coach in the field of personal transformation. He helps people to become professional life coaches, that make money and change lives.

After nearly a decade working in personal transformation, NLP and breakthrough coaching, Calvin knows how to change lives rapidly. From his experience supporting 200,000 clients in over 80 countries, he developed the WILD Method, a breakthrough way of producing results in peoples lives. He’s led training programs in over 50 countries for leaders, coaches, healers, athletes and business owners. At just 30 years old he’s a self-made multi-millionaire, has 3 best-selling books and has been featured alongside Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Jeff Bezos in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, INC and business insider.
  • ​30 Under 30 Australian Entrepreneurs
  • ​Top 100 Most Influential Entrepreneurs
  • ​2x Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
  • ​International Excellence Ambassador
  • ​Millionaire Coach and Speaker
  • ​3x International Best Selling Author
  • ​​Ft Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, Success Magazine and Mindvalley
The Art of Coaching Experience
An Overview For You:
We created the Art of Coaching with one purpose in mind. "To help you become a confident & competent coach who has the skills & strategies change lives!" Over the past decade, we've taken thousands of people through this amazing journey and mastered the WILD framework of personal transformation to ensure you get the absolute best experience possible. We're proud to say that we offer the most dynamic, innovative and practical learning experience at a price more accessible than many in the market.

Training Curriculum and Inclusions 

6 Week Art of Coaching Live
  • ​80/20 Coaching Fundamentals & Communication Mastery
  • How to Structure a Coaching Session
  • ​Dissecting & Understanding a Problem LIVE
  • ​Secret to Rapid change and Transformation! The Logical Levels of Change
  • ​​​How to build a 6 figure coaching business in 90 days!
  • ​7 Pillars of Outstanding Coaching
Online NLP & Coaching Training Video Library

1. The Swish Pattern
2. Communication Mastery
3. Sensory acuity
4. Rapport
5. Frames
6. Context Reframes
7. Meaning reframes
8. Agreement frames
9. Eye patterns
10. Emotional Mastery
11. Hypnotic language
12. Milton model
13. Clarity model
14. Presumptions
15. Pacing & Matching
16. Eliciting Subconscious Responses
17. Pattern Interrupt
18. State Induction
19. Accessing Resourceful States

20. The Kinesthetic Swish Pattern
21. Anchoring
22. Collapsing Anchors
23. Parts Negotiation
24. Resolving Internal Conflicts
25. Reframing
26. Hierarchy Of Ideas (Also Called Chunking)
27. Perceptual Positions
28. The Phobia Cure Pattern
29. Applying Logical Levels
30. Sensory Acuity
31. Chaining Anchors
32. Decision Of Destiny
33. Using Rep Systems
34. Meta-Model
35. Strategies/The Spelling Strategy

36. Meta-Programs Identification
37. New Behaviours Generator
38. Sub modalities
39. Conversational Anchoring
40. Collapsing Anchors
41. Time Line Therapy
42. Metaphors
43. Parts Integration
44. Predicates
45. Strategy scrambler
46. Emotional release technique
47. Inner child process
48. Strategic Visioning
49. Like to dislike
50. Creates Clarity Framework
51. Plus heaps more...

2 Days Live NLP & Coaching Course
  • ​Foundations of Success
  • ​Emotional Mastery
  • ​Rapid Behavioural Change 
  • Communication Mastery
  • ​Relationship Masterclass
  • ​Wealth Masterclass
  • ​Career Masterclass
  • ​Wellness Masterclass
  • ​Believe Change
  • ​Dissolving Inner Conflicts
  • ​Releasing Negative Emotions
  • ​Creating a 10 year life plan
  • ​​Over 20 LIVE practical exercises and Demos
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